Discovering what gives your life meaning, designing a meaningful career 

What does a career need to enable me to do in order for me to find my work meaningful? Is my future career something I would like to do just for a living – or also for meaning? What is my sense of purpose?

Discovering possible answers to these questions should be a central goal of the career counselling process. I utilize a narrative approach which aims to facilitate self-narration or narratability, that is, being able to tell and own your own life story. In this process, we seek to identify life themes and possible answers to the above questions. We may also discover “that one damn thing” – that is often at the center of how an individual “does life”. Combined with a look at personality and interests, this kind of self-discovery can often be very motivational and create a “future pull”.

Traveler, there is no path.

The path is made by walking.

Traveler, the path is your tracks

And nothing more.

Traveler, there is no path

The path is made by walking.

By walking you make a path

And turning, you look back

At a way you will never tread again

Antonio Machado

I use two formal assessments to compliment the career counselling process – the Career Interest Profile and the Strong Interest Inventory. 

The career counselling processing for adolescents over 16 years and young adults, is usually structured as follows:

  •  Session 1  - Intake interview with 1 qualitative assessment completed in session (Career Interest Profile), and one quantitative assessment completed online at home before the next session (Strong). 


  • Session 2 & 3 – Discussion of results and career story interview (2 separate sessions or 1 double session)

  • Session 4 – Feedback session