Psychotherapy aims to assist, support and empower individuals to modify or change behaviours, thoughts, emotions or bodily responses in a way that would be most pleasing to them. Psychotherapists make use of proven clinical methods in the context of a trusting, accepting and supportive relationship to effect meaningful and lasting change in their client’s lives. 

I work predominantly from a Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach, utilizing Brainspotting an BrainWorking Recursive Therapy when indicated according to the needs of the client. 

Teenagers respond well to a therapy space that offers them safety, acceptance and the freedom to be and become themselves. Once the reptilian brain feels safe and contained, the still developing prefrontal cortex can be encouraged to reflect, consider and reconsider (metacognition). This helps to facilitate self-regulation and cultivate "Mindsight".

Writing about "The Amazing Adolescent Brain" in Scientific American (2015),  Jay N. Giedd  explains how the particular kind of neurodevelopment that takes place in adolescence can often result in therapy being fruitful and beneficial- “The propensity of the adolescent brain to respond to environmental challenges suggest that non-medication interventions may be most fruitful — especially early in teen development, when white matter, gray matter and networking are changing fast. Appreciating that the brain is changeable throughout the teen years obliterates the notion that a youth is a “lost cause.” It offers optimism that interventions can change a teenager’s life course...

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